About Ourselves

We are passionate about focusing on people's well being, and the culture of the place and its relationship to the future.

Ricardo Alberto Caneva is an interdisciplinary architect, designer, and lover of photography. He has been a Professor at the University of Buenos Aires for 35 years working directly with students in their studios on all phases of the design process.

His own professional design experience ranges from small to large ventures such as corporate, industrial, mixed uses, residential, health, and urban development among others.

Caneva has been in charge of leading large ventures, both from its initial design phase stage to the commissioning of the work while at the same time leading large teams of designers, contractors, and in total all the needed disciplines that are involved in bringing a project to its eventual fruition.

Added to his experience within the academic world and being a natural leader with a great a creative talent helps him to understand the full process needed to accomplish a wide range of projects. In total this has allowed him to build a solid team of enthusiastic creative designers who accompany him every day in all the proposals he carries out.

His works have been exhibited in multiple biennials of Architecture, both in public as well as private exhibitions. He has given numerous talks and conducted well-attended forums throughout his academic years.

Together in 1994 with his friend and colleague Architect Alberto Giordanelli they jointly founded their present company. They began with a vision of the addressing the Future. Their objective was to have a visionary design concept that recognized the constant introduction of new directions in both design and construction. This allowing for open minded interrelationships and communication between different cultures and people worldwide. In the process they can better seek a open dialogue and feedback that would provide them with a variety of topics and diverse scales in which to create. It then allows the company to carry out the transfers of thematic ideas and new advanced technologies that can be utilized in different global locations.

In our office we encourage our designers to feel a sense of freedom and to be able to breathe within an open, bright, intimate, and friendly atmosphere that will create in the end a strong sense of pride and delight among both them and our clients for our end design product.

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We believe that the best project is born out of having an in-depth knowledge of the place, its culture, and its people.